10 reasons why I love Vienna

annalovesvienna - but why?

  1. Because in Vienna, you never get bored. Vienna has a lot to offer during every season of the year. Ice scating in front of the town hall, plenty of festivals in the summer months, design markets, food festivals, a huge choice of interesting museums you can visit when the weather is bad, the Advent season with its numerous Christmas markets… there are just so many possibilities to spend your leasure time in this city…
  1. Because Vienna is such a green city. Over half of the city, whose surface measures 414 km2, is coverd with parks, the Prater, the 21km long Danube Island and the Vienna Woods with its hills. Strolling around through all these places makes you forget that you are in the middle of a metropolis that counts 1.8 million inhabitans.
  1. Because the Viennese people, who often seem so grumpy, are really nice and adorable people deep down in their hearts :-) it´s just part of the Viennese lifestyle to be grumpy and complaining…
  1. Because even though Vienna is a metropolis, sometimes you get the feeling of living in a small provincial town. Almost everytime I´m out, I accidentally run into people I know. That´s quite fascinating if one considers how many inhabitants this amazing city has.
  1. Because of the Viennese „Würstelstände“ (=sausage stands). All around the clock, people who couldn´t be more different meet at the “Würstelstand” to enjoy a substantial “Käsekrainer” (=sausage filled with hot cheese) and a cold beer while talking about whatever comes to their minds.
  1. Because Vienna offers the perfect mixture between imperial past and modern metropolis.
  1. Because the Danube River makes you feel like you´re on vacation during the summer months. Lying on the bank of the old Danube on my days off in summer is like a short break that refills me with new energy.
  1. Because there are so many nice bars, pubs and restaurants in Vienna. There is a wide range of locations for any taste and mood.
  1. Because cosiness is a really important part of the Viennese lifestyle. As Gustav Mahler once said: “When the world comes to an end, I´ll move to Vienna, because in Vienna, everything happens 50 years later”
  1. Because even though Vienna is not my home town, with this city I have found the place on earth that makes me feel like I arrived at home

In short: annalovesvienna!

Why do you love Vienna?

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    Sarah (Donnerstag, 13 April 2017 11:01)

    So schön geschrieben! Da bekommt man gleich Lust, wieder nach Wien zu kommen!